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Olga, SOS Children's Villages
Olga, one of our facers at SOS Children’s Villages

As an SOS Children’s Villages Brand Ambassador you will involve and motivate new donors to make a difference for children and families.

Donors support our projects. Our Facers meet thousands of people every day on the streets, publics squares, shopping malls and different kind of events. They raise the awareness of our mission and motivate people to subscribe a long term support that can make the difference for children without parental care or at risk of loosing it. In this way, and thanks to our heroes, we help children to grow up in a child friendly environement and become their strongest selves, every day!

Do you have strong communication skills? Are you interested in supporting children? Are you looking for a flexible, dynamic and challenging job?

Then join us now!

Who are our Facers? Meet them!

Our Brand Ambassadors are doing a crucial job: thanks to direct contact with hundreds of people, they motivate many to become new donors through regular support by direct debit from a bank account or credit card. This is the only method accepted by the Facers because it is the one that best guarantees the long-term sustainability of the projects we carry out.

How to recognize them?

You can easily recognize our facers by the t-shirt / jumper (…) they wear and by their name tag with the SOS Children’s Villages logo, the logo of the external agency they work for (if any), their photo and their name. The work of the dialoguers is paid, as indicated on their name tags.

Important Info

Find out which indications and policies our Facers adhere to and help you to identify them.

Where to find us

Find out where to find our Facers this month and meet them, and have a conversation.

Know our Facers

Have a look at the stories of our facers!

Guiding content notes:
As you can easily recognize, the design of this page is very basic. The idea is to give you a very basic structure from where to start. So please, before to proceed in reading, bear in mind that you should have a better and professional design in your Facers page.

This page should have 3 main objectives:

– main landing page for resumes collection, that you can use as a direct link of your ads or in other ways. Consistent with this goal, you should really consider this page as a space for selling the facers job and for explaining what is the function of the facers. You should use positive images, you should clarify that this is a job and is paid and you should explain how the job works, underlining (only) the positive aspects (this is a pitch!);

– raise the awareness of the Facers; in some Countries we face the problem of low awareness of the facer work and then trust issues on the street; this page is an opportunity to explain:
1) who they are
2) what they do
3) where to find them
4) how to contact them
5) how to recognize them

– being a kind of Q/A for reputational risks management, a link to send to location store managers to easily explain what we are talking about; offer the Facers a page only for them, to give more dignity to the job and to offer them a blog in which they can post stories and have some visibility;

PS Please, for the specific goal of CVs acquisition, consider also the possibility to create an “ad-hoc” page, designed specifically for resume collection. This page should have a lead form and should be consistent as much as possible with the advertisement redirecting to the page itself (google, facebook, webportals and more). This page should attract people to leave their CVs and should be optimized based on the goal of convincing someone to apply for the job and leave her or his data. And last but not least, the page should redirect to the main Facer page in which people can find information, through a “learn more” button.

How to structure the page?
First part
starting from the priority, that is resumes collection, in case you are running a F2F In-House or not (you can send resume to the agency that work for you). Positive image with pictures of Facers smiling, happy and having fun. Button to join the team, at least 2, in the first part. Underlining flexibility, money and possibility to make the change in the lives of children.

Second part
Explanation, accurate and in detail, of the job + button to apply for the position.

Third part
How to recognize the facers. Explain in detail what they wear and how to know that that one is an SOS Facer.

Forth Part
Where to find us: here you can decide if is better to have another page/section that you update every month with the facers location (time consuming, effort, more accuracy) and so a button, or if you want to drop 4 lines explaining in general where they work.
Important info: same
Know our facer: I highly recommend you to dedicate one page to the facers blog (or you can decide to have all in one page instead of having another page); in this way you will offer them the opportunity to talk about themselves, you will give more dignity to the job, you will offer more opportunities of engagement to the facer´s community and last but not least you will offer website visitors the possibility to know the facers from another perspective, the “human” one.

The button “join our team now” and “apply to become a facer” should redirects to a resume lead.

SEO (search engine optimization) – please read the > guiding document about website SEO to become aware that you need to take actions concerning search engine optimization as well for building a well-prepared fundraising website.